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Electronic Super Joy 2
Groove City
Stomp the world!

The Devil has a magic butt of pure gold, or so they say.... Can you defeat Santa Claus, find the secret portals & you make your way into the deepest Mega-Hells to steal it from him?

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Hairy Little Buggers
Hairy Little Buggers
Dig, drink & feast.

Command your hairy little warriors to dig a city into the ground. Mine, craft & build rooms & new warriors!

Hairy Little Buggers

Electronic Super Joy: Groove City
Groove City
Electronic Super Joy 1.5

JoJo the Giant Robot Stripper had her Laser-Nipples Stolen! Can you save the day?

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Electronic Super Joy
Electronic Super Joy, a brutally hard platformer set in a world of pulse-pounding electronic music.

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Little Gardens
Explore a world of tiny gardens, shady parks and secret glades. Travel through 3 different worlds, solving puzzles & growing gardens!

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Silent Skies

Silent Skies is a short interactive art piece, made for the GAMMA IV event.

This game only has 1 button.



Broken Brothers
Broken Brothers is a fast paced RTS, with RPG traits.


The Scourge
Michael Todd Games
A music-based survival game, built with
S U P E R B R O T H E R S.

Play with headphones.


Spirit Guide
A jetpack adventure game, set in the underworld. A small free game.


Engine of War
Engine of War, my first publicly sold game!

Released in 2007, this game combined fighting monsters with a complex upgrade system using an electrical wiring system!

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